Writer | Musician | Video producer | Voice actor | Suburban landscaping minion

Photo by David Barrow
Photo by David Barrow

I’ve been a radio reporter & producer, a freelance contributor to The Osgood Files on CBS Radio, and marketing content specialist for companies including IBM, where I still work. I’m also a busy drummer/sometimes vocalist in the Austin, Texas music scene, a voice-over talent, and landscape support crew for my wife who has led the creation of a native plantings-focused suburban yard that blows peoples’ mind. This blog touches on all of it. IBM & Tech looks at trends in technology and is centered around my day job (although I do not speak here on behalf of IBM.)  A Beautiful World is where I write about the world as I see it, with an emphasis on encouraging a better one. In Music, I share stories and thoughts about my 35+ years performing. Humor is self-explanatory. Here’s hoping you find something here you enjoy.

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