Writer | Musician | Video producer | Voice actor | Suburban landscaping minion

Photo by David Barrow
Photo by David Barrow

I’m a drummer and vocalist, working with souljazz group Church on Monday, rock songwriter Alejandro Escovedo, and others. Im also landscape support crew for my wife who has led the creation of a native plantings-focused suburban yard that blows peoples’ minds.  I’ve produced content for network radio, ad agencies, and a variety of companies. This site is about me connecting directly with you.

The product? A content stream from me including podcast episodes, music, video, written pieces, and more. Whatever it takes to tell the story. In my many professional roles I meet so many fascinating people. They make up part of the story, as do my personal reflections on this, that, and the other, whether through word, song, visual …whatever. I hope you enjoy it.

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