Faster, simply, more efficient with expert integrated systems

PureSystems is IBM’s pioneering play in the arena of expert integrated systems designed to help businesses improve IT efficiency, accelerate new business solutions, and simplify cloud transformations. It’s about as close to plug-and-play as enterprise computing has yet come. There’s a lot of information to digest in order to grasp all of what IBM PureSystems offers, but here’s a starter with some video from the 2013 IBM Pulse conference last month in Las Vegas.

This two and half minute piece has some illuminating quotes from key PureSystem IBMers, Nancy Pearson, Joao Perez, Jason Gartner, and Marcus Belvin.

IBM PureSystems represents a powerful step away from the enterprise computing model which has dominated the landscape, where layers of multiple and disparate systems demand considerable resources to set up, maintain, and scale. The PureSystems family is organized under PureFlex, PureApplication, and PureData solutions. You can dig deeper in the Expert Integrated Systems blog. And I’ll be talking about it more here as we gather use cases to share with you.

Also, check out Todd Watson’s sit-down interview at Pulse with Nancy Pearson, Vice President IBM PureSystems Marketing, and Jason Gartner, VP PureSystems Product Management.

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