IBM Watson applies for a call center job

WatsonEngagementAdvisorThe Watson Engagement Advisor was announced at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit today in Nashville, Tennessee.  The announcement talks about giving individual consumers access to Watson’s groundbreaking powers to help companies build stronger relationships with their customers. So we’lll be able to interact with Watson on any device at any time in plain English, directly or through an agent. Cool!  Then we’ll get personalized responses to questions and receive real insight, together with supporting evidence. that we can put to use. The announcement site continues –

The Watson Engagement Advisor can help meet growing expectations that companies know their customers based on their past history, engage them wherever, whenever, and however they choose, and empower them at the point of action. This can help lower barriers of outreach to un-served and under-engaged customers which, in turn, can help reduce customer turnover, create opportunities for the individual and organization to engage in a meaningful way, and drive advocacy and endorsement for the organization.

For one thing, I guess it means we’ll all have a chance to ask Watson our own Jeopardy questions soon. Read more about it on the IBM Watson web site and check out the blog post by Manoj Saxena, GM of IBM Watson Solutions.

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