One man of steel says 49% call center success rate stinks

The man of steel we have in mind is IBM Watson Engagement Advisor, announced earlier this year in the U.S and getting a European crescendo this week at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Monaco. I first blogged about it back on May 21. Here’s some data to set the stage:

  • 270B calls made annually to call centers costing $600B
  • 1 in 2 incoming calls require escalation or go unresolved
  • 61% of all calls could have been resolved with better access to information
  • 4.6% market share gain from a single % customer sat gain

Simultaneously, Forrester tells us 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring daily and Cisco forecasts that by 2016 10 billion smartphones will be in use globally, outnumbering the global population. So what will all of these people be doing on all of these smart phones? Dialing your call center, for one, to get help on updating the firmware in that laser-guided spork you sold them, or whatever they’re struggling with. Todd Watson will be calling you for help with his newest polycarbonate, water-cooled, wifi-enabled golf club (in between blogging about events such as SCGS Monaco).

So along comes Watson Engagement Advisor (WEA), which in addition to being the first broadly available commercialized offering built on IBM’s Watson technology,

  • Demonstrates an uncanny understanding of consumer needs in context
  • Continuously listens to and learns from consumer
  • Delivers the consumer personalized, trusted interactions regardless of the channel
  • Is persistent and understands how consumer/company have already interacted
  • Empowers consumers to take action in an intuitive, fast, more accurate, and consistent fashion at point of action

It’s almost enough to make you want to schedule a morning call to a call center running on WEA, just to start the day off right.

More on IBM Watson Engagement Advisor here. And check out the short YouTube video below.


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