UrbanCode’s Maciej Zawadzki on better development and release cycles

I sat down with Maciej Zawadzki, Co-founder and CEO of UrbanCode, to talk about the accelerated pace of innovation in technology companies and how UrbanCode’s products help operations and production teams keep up. Maciej says UrbanCode product focus on build management and continuous integration, deployment automation, and release coordination.

There’s nothing new about the statement … that your product development life-cycles have to get shorter. That’s been the case for a long time. As an industry, we’ve been moving in that direction … Most organizations have adopted agile, and their development teams are moving quickly. But they’re not seeing that translate into those short development cycles that were promised, essentially. So they’re looking at, alright, this stuff is moving quickly, why are we not getting to production as quickly as we should be based on how fast the development team is working. What happens in that space (between development and deployment) is, the application gets produced by the development team and it needs to be deployed into an environment for testing. That deployment process, for a lot of organizations, is manual … There’s a feedback loop that happens, and if there is a delay in testing that cycle gets elongated.

Maciej says the accelerating pace of innovation can be felt in both high-tech and what might be considered, traditionally, lower-tech industries, and that means the dividing line is disappearing and demand for solutions to help the business innovate rapidly are increasing across the board. Take, for example, how the entertainment industries are experimenting with new revenue models in response to the disruption caused by mobile and the Internet. Legacy companies are seeking to adapt while their field of competition expands with born-on-the-web companies who are all about capitalizing on the disruption.

Maciej shares a customer success story where UrbanCode helped a financial company get a broken development/release loop back on track so they could meet release targets. He also talks about helping a currency trading team eliminate the “Monday Morning Effect.” or putting out fires on Monday after new releases were made over the weekend. By automating releases of new code into different testing environments they were simultaneously able to test and refine their deployment strategy, avoid hiccups later on, and eliminate the “Monday Morning Effect.”

Check out our ten minute interview below, and read more about UrbanCode, now an IBM company.

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